Let' s protect the ozone layerbecause it protects us!

Objectives, tasks, activities

Foundation for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer Prozone is a nonprofit institution dedicated to the many aspects related to substances that deplete the ozone layer. Our ultimate goal is to support activities to reduce consumption and emissions of ozone depleting substances (ie, CFCs and halons) and the development of environmental awareness among users of these substances.

Nationwide Network 3R

Foundation organized and administers the "national network of recovery and reclamation of refrigerants" (so-called Network 3R).

The need to create such a system results from the Polish Parliament has ratified international agreements on global common policy on environmental protection. Currently, 3R Network brings together nearly 1,000 companies principally engaged in servicing and installing refrigeration and air conditioning. The cooperation of these companies with the Foundation is critical to achieving the desired environmental effect.

Collection and recovery factors of recovery

The recovered refrigerant do not have to go all the way to the capital.
In logistic 3R networks are involved in selected outlets Founders Prozone-in, located in Poland.
We call it Local Recovery Centers (LCO). Our founders are three of the leading distributors of refrigerants in Poland - Air Products Ltd., Linde Gas Poland Ltd. and Termo Schiessl Ltd. Currently, the number of Local Recovery.

Centres cooperating with the Foundation for up to 80 outlets. Here you can rent for the recovery of empty cylinders as well as the pass bottles filled with freon recovered, to be used for regeneration. The most popular refrigerants, such as eg R22 and R134a, Prozone has always received free of charge.

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