Rent of Recovery units for Refrigerants

PROZON leases stations to the Service Companies for the recovery of refrigerants on the basis of a signed agreement on cooperation in the field of climate protection.
The aim of the agreement is to prevent atmospheric emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases that cause warming of the Earth's climate. The objective is achieved when the repair and retrofitting of refrigeration equipment leads to all of  the refrigerant being recovered in a professional manner,  with the help of efficient and effective equipment to a verified and specially marked two-valve cylinder.
In order to sign an agreement to lease the station you must download the document, which can be found in the Offer -> Documents for download:,134,pl.html
Then complete the document, print two copies, sign and send to the Foundation at the following address:

    PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu
    ul. Matuszewska 14, Bud. B9
    03-876 Warszawa

The initial charge, including use of the station for the remainder of this year is:

    * 880 zł + VAT. for the station: CPS TYPE TR700 (black)

    * 240 zł + VAT for stations Mini-R EP-10X

  The annual leasing fee for of use of each station is:

    * 240 zł + VAT per annum and this fee is invoiced in full in January

The lease fee for the station will not be charged to companies (actively cooperating with PROZON) which transfer to the Foundation at least 100 kg of recovered refrigerants annually.

Cylinder rental

Our offer includes 3 different cylinder capacities: 12.5 l; 25.7 l; 2.5 l – Laboratory cylinder.
Renting costs of PROZON cylinders in Warsaw:

- Cylinders loaned as part of the subscription agreement - 75 zł / pcs (+ VAT) to the end of the year. In subsequent years, the price changes according to the last available rate of inflation. The subscription fee for the first year includes the first supply of the cylinder to an indicated place in Poland.

In order to sign the contract for the lease of a cylinder(s), you must download the document [DOWNLOAD], complete it, then print two copies, sign and send to the Foundation.

    PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu
    ul. Matuszewska 14, Bud. B9
    03-876 Warszawa

- cylinders loaned beyond the subscription:

- Single loan and return of empty cylinders: 40 zł / pcs (+ VAT) - for the first month of use. The fee for subsequent months is reduced to 30 zł / pcs (+ VAT). Sending the empty cylinders from PROZON to any place in Poland costs 25 zł (+ VAT) per item.

- single loan and return of the refrigerant for handling  0 zł / pcs. Sending of empty cylinders from PROZON to any place in Poland costs 25 zł (+ VAT) per bottle.

In order to rent a single cylinder, you must complete and submit the form available at:,34,pl.html

- Fee vacuuming and cleaning of PROZON cylinders, returned with the recovered refrigerant: 50 zł (+ VAT) per bottle


Factor development

Acceptance of recovered refrigerants for development
Factors HFC-134a (R-134a) with a uniformity of at least 99.5% - we collect free
Factors HFCs, CFCs, HCFCs and mixtures collected for a fee 22 zł / kg.
Companies which have signed an Agreement of Permanent Cooperation with PROZON benefit from a discount of 5 zł / kg (R-134a is not included). In case of passing refrigerants in unsuitable cylinders, an administrative fee of 3 zl/kg will be charged.
Handling of oil from refrigeration - 2.50 zł / kg (minimum 25 zł net)
Ordering of oil from refrigeration - 2.50 zł / kg (minimum 25 zł net)

Rental and cleaning Tone tanks belonging to PROZON.
Rent Ton tanks for refrigerants:
- 1500 zł / pcs. (Including tank washing)
- transport is Charged and costed individually for each order
- filling of the tank, above the value indicated on the nameplate is prohibited.

CLIMATE EMERGENCY - recovery at the customer

- Emergency Climate is fast and professional help in emergency problems with cooling systems.
- We provide technical and legal support for both technicians and operators.
- We conduct recovery factors of large installations.
- We have extensive hardware facilities to enable technicians to perform safely and in accordance with the law of their work.

Laboratory analyses

In 2014, PROZON created a refrigerant laboratory according to the specification standard AHRI-700.

The analyses of our laboratory mainly use:
- Service companies engaged in refrigeration and air conditioning
- Operators meaning owners of refrigeration equipment or installations
- Distribution companies wishing to verify the quality of the resulting refrigerant from producer

We examine the following factors:

- Primary - to confirm their quality and compliance with certification
- Recovered - to confirm their suitability for reuse
- Regenerated - to assess compliance with the standards AHRI

The tests we carry out:
- Composition - Gas Chromatography
- Moisture content - Karl Fischer Titration
- Content of high-boiling substances (the presence of oil), and solid residues - Evaporation
- Acidity - acid-base titration
- The content of non-condensable gases - Gas Chromatography
The laboratory accepts refrigerant only in cylinders compliant to those which can be rented at the Regeneration Centre.
Parameters of sample cylinders:
Capacity: 2.5L
Pressure: 48 BAR
Valve: 1/4 SAE, one-way gas
Additional documents to the cylinder:
Instructions for proper sampling.
A questionnaire related to the refrigerant submitted for testing.

Leak detector tests
In response to the provisions of the Polish Act of F-gas, we inform you that our laboratory has introduced a service to  control sensitivity of portable leak detectors used to control plant-filled ODS and F-gases.
Devices which have passed the test results receive a certificate of compliance within the requirements of the Commission Regulation EC No 1516/2007 of 19 December 2007 establishing in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 842/2006 of the European Parliament standard checking requirements leak stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.
Under this Regulation, detectors should detect refrigerant leakage in the amount of at least 5 grams per year, and the sensitivity control must be carried out every 12 months.
  At the same time, we are pleased to announce that in connection with the 20th anniversary of the Foundation's activities until the end of 2016, we provided these services free of charge.
In order to control the sensitivity of portable leak detectors, download
Document: [GO] to complete and pass it to the Foundation, along with the detector

Electronic scales tests
In response to the provisions of the Polish F-gas Act we would like to inform that the PROZON laboratory introduced a service for the calibration of automatic weighing instruments, which is one of the elements of the minimum technical equipment according to the Regulation of the Minister of Development dated. December 17, 2015 year.

For each device that will be given to the service, we will issue a certificate of calibration, including the results together with the values of measurement uncertainty and their interpretation.

Calibration results will be related to mass measurement standards, held in PROZON for Climate Protection, holding certificates issued under the agreement EA MLA in the field of calibration. Patterns are used to confirm the consistency of measurement results from the measurement units of the International System of Units (SI).

In order to perform the calibration, we invite you to download the document to order services available on the Foundation's website in the section OFFER - documents for download - Calibration of weighing instruments. The downloaded document should be completed and forwarded to the Foundation with the device. Duration of service is 1 business day from the time the device was delivered to the Laboratory.

The Price of calibration services of non automatic scales is 120 zł net.

Documents for download
Contract for the lease of a cylinder(s) [download]
An Agreement to lease the station CPS Pro Set [download]
An Agreement to lease the station EP10X [download]
An Agreement readiness for reliance of the refrigerant [download]

Ordering Form for performing control sensitivity of portable leak detectors [download]
Ordering Form for laboratory tests [download]
Ordering Form for calibration of non-automatic scales [download]
Labels for Refrigeration Equipment [download]
Price list [download]

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