Service Network 3R and LCO

3R Network and LCO

The Foundation for the Protection of the Ozone Layer (PROZON) was established in 1995. It is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the many aspects that apply to substances that deplete the ozone layer.

In order to reduce consumption and emissions of ozone-depleting substances, the Foundation for the Protection of the Ozone Layer( PROZON) organises and administers a nationwide network for the recycling and reclamation of refrigerants (Our so-called 3R Network - Recovery, Recycling, Reclamation, or Recovery-Recycling-Regeneration).
Network "3R" is a nationwide system of collection points for used refrigerant for reclamation or for other lawful purposes and needs of the environment.

Joining the network, and recovering used refrigerants gives proof of your concern for the welfare of the environment and preferred actions to protect it.

We offer professional mobile stations for the recovery of refrigerants, recovery cylinders and ton tanks. The said equipment is leased from service companies. For the businesses most actively involved in the 3R Networks, stations are free.
In 2000, we opened the Regeneration Center Foundation (PROZON) refrigerants. Recovered refrigerants require a comprehensive process of purification. PROZON also performs specialised laboratory tests, starting with the confirmation of homogeneity of the gas chromatograph, through the study of moisture, acidity and solid residues.
Prozon then send recovered refrigerants for re-use by its founders. Recovered factors which PROZON does not regenerate, for economic reasons, technical or legal (for e.g. CFCs) are continuously collected and sent for recycling. These services are provided for consideration.
The detailed terms of cooperation within the network of 3R can be found in Annex 4 to the Agreement on cooperation regarding the protection of the stratospheric ozone layer.
Refrigerants recovered from refrigeration and air conditioning systems can be transferred directly to the Foundation, or the nearest Local Recycling Center (LCO).
Local Recycling Centres is a network of several dozen branches of the Founders of the Foundation (PROZON), where you can rent our empty bottles for recovery factors and pass a full bottle (filled with restored factor).

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