Training and courses in refrigeration, air conditioning and F-Gas: Alternative Refrigerants Academy

Training and courses - air conditioning, refrigeration and F-Gas

The PROZON Foundation has developed a number of proprietary training courses that support the operation of service and installation companies in the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump industry. She pioneered the organization of F-gas training and examinations in Poland. Cooperating with Svaz chladicí a klimatizační techniky centers in the Czech Republic and the Slovenský Zväz Pre Chladiacu A Klimatizačnú Techniku in Slovakia offered to obtain F-gas certificates in Poland even before the Polish law came into being. It was the first unit in Poland to receive accreditation from the Office of Technical Inspection to conduct F-gas exams cat.. I and is the only SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) examination unit in the country.

For more than 6 years, he has been providing training and examinations on fluorinated greenhouse gases in accordance with Regulation 517/2014 and under Regulations 2015/2066 and 2015/2067. The Foundation is a co-developer of the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE European training standard for carbon dioxide and flammable refrigeration. In cooperation with the Office of Technical Inspection, the Foundation also trains personnel who fill portable pressure vessels with liquefied gases, and with the Institute of Industrial Chemistry educates specialists on systems directly related to F-gas monitoring and registration: Central Operator Register and Reporting Database. To date, the Foundation has trained and examined thousands of service technicians on fluorinated greenhouse gases and hundreds of service technicians on alternative agents.

Qualified staff and equipment for refrigeration training

PROZON Foundation for Climate Protection has the qualified staff and equipment necessary to professionally conduct training for companies and individuals.

PROZON Foundation conducts 8 trainings as part of its activities:

  • “F-gases” training

  • “Brazing” training course

  • Training course “Filling of pressure vessels with liquefied gases with a volume of more than 350 cm3.

  • training course “Basics of refrigeration”

  • “Flammable agents in refrigeration and air conditioning” training course

  • “CO2-basedrefrigeration” training course

  • “Central Register of Operators” workshop

  • “Report Database” workshop