F-gas qualifications – category I certificate are required from the personnel carrying out:

  • liquidation
  • tightness control
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • servicing
  • repair

in relation to:

  • stationary refrigeration equipment
  • stationary air conditioning devices
  • heat pumps
  • lorry aggregates – refrigerators and refrigerated trailers containing controlled substances or fluorinated greenhouse gases and the recovery of these substances or gases from such equipment and mobile equipment.

To obtain these qualifications, you must pass the state certification exam before an examination board issued by an independent examination unit certified by the Office of Technical Inspection.

PROZON The Climate Protection Foundation has developed the F-gas training offer with great care and professionalism. The knowledge gained during the training, both theoretical and practical, will prepare you to obtain a positive result of the F-gas exam, which will enable the Office of Technical Inspection to issue a certificate for F-gas licenses for personnel.

We provide

  • an intensive 2-day theoretical course in the form of online and practical preparation
  • for the exam at the Foundations premises;
  • professional and experienced lecturers;
  • free extracurricular consultations;
  • well-equipped training rooms and the original textbook “F-gases”;
  • possibility to take an examination organised by another assessment unit;
  • a set of documents ready to be submitted to the Office of Technical Inspection in order to issue a certificate;
  • training completion diploma;
  • valuable instructional videos;
  • coffee break and meals during training classes;

Training programme

  • asics of thermodynamics in the field of refrigeration,
  • components of refrigeration installations,
  • recovery of refrigerants,
  • environmental impact of fluorinated refrigerants,
  • workshops: REAL Alternatives Europe,
  • legal regulations regarding F-gases in the field of refrigeration tightness checks,
  • documentation in practice safe installation,
  • operation and maintenance,
  • Installation materials used in refrigeration,
  • automation, equipment and apparatus for cooling installations.

Theoretical training

Before the start of the training, each participant will be sent an original “F-gas” manual and instructions for logging in with an activation link to the meeting. The training will be carried out using a professional communication program that does not require high speed Internet. The training participant will be able to ask the Lecturer at any time.

Practical training

Practical training will take place on the same day as the exam and will be carried out on our training equipment.

Training participants cannot take the exam in the examination unit at PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu, which was previously a training unit, due to the impartiality described in the F-Gas Act of May 15, 2015. (Article 27 (7)).

The PROZON Foundation provides the opportunity to take an exam conducted by an independent, certified examination unit.

Training schedule Training schedule
  • Deadline

The nearest date: 13-14.10.2022

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  • Exam date

The nearest date: 11-12.10.2022

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  • Place

Online and at the headquarters of the PROZON Foundation

  • Training cost

1300 PLN net/personn

  • The cost of the exam

400 PLN net/person

  • Contact