Flammable agents in refrigeration and air conditioning

The introduced quotas, limiting the availability of the refrigerants previously used so far, are accelerating the pace of technological changes.

The foundations of theoretical knowledge about alternative factors, acquired during F-gas training, seem insufficient today.

Personnel working with alternative refrigerants, both natural and synthetic, must be able to cope with their flammability, toxicity and high working pressures.

The PROZON Foundation, together with carefully selected training staff, has developed a training programme “Flammable agents in refrigeration and air conditioning”, which is intended for installers, service technicians, constructors and people who have contact with flammable agents at work.

It is especially recommended for people who have contact with combustible agents from the A2L, A2, A3 group.

The full cycle of training ends with an exam and the issuance of the international REAL Alternatives certificate.

We provide

  • qualified training staff
  • extensive theoretical and practical knowledge
  • original textbook “Flammable agents in refrigeration and air conditioning”
  • access to the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE platform
  • international certificate (after passing the exam)

Training program

  • flammable properties of refrigerants
  • safe use
  • differences in the design and construction of installations
  • calculation examples of filling limits for installations
  • good service practices

Theoretical training

Before the training begins, each participant will receive a manual “Flammable agents in refrigeration and air conditioning” and a login manual with an activation link to the meeting.

The training will be carried out using a professional, undemanding communication programme, high speed Internet network.

The training participant will be able to ask the lecturer at any time.

Practical training

Practical training will be carried out on our training equipment by qualified lecturers.

At the end of the training, an exam will be carried out, the positive result of which will allow you to receive the international REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE certificate.

The condition for joining the training is to have a category I or II F-gas certificate.


What does obtaining the international REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE certificate give?

Many facility owners and companies of general and / or comprehensive sanitary contracting begin to expect from their refrigeration employees knowledge and practical skills in the field of alternative agents, confirmed by an internationally recognised certificate.

Currently, the only such European certificate is REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE.

REAL Alternatives project

The PROZON Foundation in Poland is the national leader of the European training project REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE, co-financed by the European Union and co-created by PROZON and several other European institutions specialising in refrigeration.

The REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE training project concerns training in the field of refrigeration based on alternative agents (carbon dioxide and flammable agents), preparing for obtaining the international REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE Certificate.

The PROZON Foundation, as an assessment unit, conducts an exam, the positive result of which allows you to obtain the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE international professional certificate.

The first training conducted by PROZON

On March 26-28, 2018, the PROZON Foundation had the pleasure to organise the first in-house training on CO2 refrigeration installations.

The training was part of the initiative entitled “Academy of Alternative Factors”, which is carried out as part of the Real Alternatives project. In accordance with the assumptions of the project, we prepare training courses on alternative refrigerants.

Lectures were conducted by specialists-practitioners from companies supporting our project: AC PRORE, Carel, Digitel, Danfoss, Dorin, LU-VE, UDT, Gazex, and the Office of Technical Inspection. During the training, the following were presented: the first didactic installation, description of automation in subcritical and transcritical systems for CO2, construction of a gas cooler, condensers and compressors.

Issues related to legislation as well as safety and CO2 detection aspects were also discussed

  • Deadline

The nearest date: 11-12.10.2022

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  • Place

Online and at the headquarters of the PROZON Foundation

  • Training cost

1 740,00 PLN net/person

  • Contact
  • +48 664 756 118
  • szkolenia@prozon.org.pl