Fundamentals of refrigeration

Persons inspecting the leakage, recovery, installation, maintenance, servicing, repair or decommissioning of stationary air-conditioning equipment, heat pumps and refrigerated truck units – refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trailers – are required to obtain F-gas certification. This document confirms that they meet the requirements to work in the profession to a specific group of equipment.

The training course “fundamentals of refrigeration” is directed especially to people who are starting to work in the refrigeration industry, as well as to people who still want to expand their knowledge and skills. The training was created with extreme care and professionalism of qualified staff, who placed great emphasis on the preparation of practical classes, during which trainees will be able to, among other things. install a split-type air conditioner, learn about the construction of the refrigeration circuit, and practice refrigerant recovery methods.

We provide

  • Intensive 5-day theoretical course online and practical course at the Foundation’s headquarters to prepare for the exam;
  • Split type air conditioner can be installed;
  • Oversubscribed consultations, led by lecturers with years of practical experience;
  • Ability to take an exam, organized by another evaluation unit;
  • A set of documents ready to be submitted to the Office of Technical Inspection, in order to issue a certificate;

Training program

  • Why do we need cooling?
  • What is heat?
  • General thermodynamics
  • Types of compressors
  • Discussion of the design of the refrigeration circuit
  • Basics of installation and operation of refrigeration circuits
  • Discussion of the design of the split air conditioner unit
  • Detachable-Twisted Connections
  • Installation of the split-type device -Interchangeable exercises on disconnected connections
  • Performing a pressure test
  • Division and discussion of refrigerants
  • Recovery methods
  • Discussion of the “Central Register of Operators”
  • Regeneration center- discussion of regeneration options

Theoretical training

Prior to the start of the training, each participant will be sent, the author’s “F-gas” manual and login instructions with an activation link to the meeting.

The training is done using a professional communication program that does not require high speed Internet.

The trainee will be able to ask questions of the lecturer at any time.

Practical training

Practical training will be completed in 3 days. Participants will have the opportunity to install a split-type air conditioner and practice all the steps required for the F-gas exam.

Trainees may not take the exam at the PROZON Foundation for Climate Protection examination unit, which was previously a training unit, due to the maintenance of impartiality described in the F-Gas Law of May 15, 2015. (Article 27(7)).

The PROZON Foundation provides the opportunity to take an exam administered by an independent, certified examination body.

  • Deadline

Upcoming date: 19-23.09.2022

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  • Location

Online and at the headquarters of the PROZON Foundation

  • Cost of training

2 500 zł net/person

  • Cost of the exam

400  zł net/person

  • Contact
  • +48 664 756 118