Hard Soldering

A Certificate of Qualification Examination of the solderer performing a hard solder according to PN-EN ISO 13585: 2012, issued by a notified body, should be held by the person performing the soldering, among others in installation, maintenance, servicing and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, systems and installations, heat pumps and transport units, including refrigerated cars, trailers and semi-trailers.

PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu invites you to training in manual gas hard soldering. The course will cover theoretical knowledge and practical skills in manual soldering with gas burners, preparing for the qualification exam according to PN-EN ISO 13585: 2012.

The course is dedicated to both those who have and those who do not have training in gas welding.

We provide

  • Intensive 3-day theoretical and practical preparation for the exam;
  • Experienced instructor;
  • Richly equipped training rooms;
  • Possibility to obtain a Qualification Certificate of a Solder Performing Hard Soldering;
  • Diploma of completion of training;
  • Valuable instructional videos;
  • Coffee break and meals during training classes;
  • Assistance in finding accommodation;

Training programme

  • overview of soldering methods
  • overview of soldering equipment,preparation of elements for soldering as well as types and properties of soldered joints soldering incompatibilities,
  • control and testing of soldered joints, basic materials and technology of their brazing
  • introductory soldering instruction
  • practical exercises

Szkolenie teoretyczneTheoretical training

Before starting the training, each participant will be sent a login instruction with an activation link to the meeting.

The training will be carried out using a professional communication program that does not require high speed Internet.

The training participant will be able to ask questions of the lecturer at any time.

Practical training

Practical training is carried out in well-equipped training rooms with the help of professional training equipment.

Before starting the training, each participant should present tests confirming the health condition necessary to perform the profession of a gas solder.

After successfully passing the exam, participants of the course receive a certificate of completion of the course and a Qualification Certificate of a solderer performing a Hard Solder, giving the appropriate qualifications to perform the profession of a solderer.

Training schedule Training schedule
  • Deadline

The nearest date: 18-22.07.2022
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  • Place

Online and at the headquarters of the PROZON Foundation

  • Training and the exam cost


Trainig cost

Exam cost


1150,00  zł

800,00 zł


1 340,00 zł

950,00 zł


1 440,00 zł

1 015,00 zł


1 540,00 zł 

1 115,00 zł


1 640,00 zł 

1 215,00 zł


1 840,00 zł

1 280,00 zł


1 940,00 zł

1 450,00 zł

  • Contact
  • +48 664 756 118
  • szkolenia@prozon.org.pl