Climate Emergency Service recovery at the customer's premises

The climate emergency service is quick and professional souce of help with sudden problems with cooling systems.

We provide technical and legal support for both service technicians and operators.

We have extensive hardware facilities that enable service technicians to perform their work safely and in accordance with the law.

We provide services in the field of:

  • recovery of the refrigerant from cooling / air conditioning systems throughout Poland, securing the system during downtime
  • rinsing refrigeration / air conditioning systems with a non-invasive, safe method for the device using specialized equipment
  • we rinse the systems in the event of: – burnout of the compressor – mechanical damage to the compressor – leaks in the water circuit of the system – cleaning the system after a breakdown related to a failure system
  • preparation (nitriding, system evacuation) filling refrigeration / air conditioning systems with refrigerant throughout Poland

Service prices

In order for us to quote the recovery service, please contact the sales department:

  • +48 511 902 263; +48 606 235 557