Long-term rental of cylinders

The PROZON Foundation offers long-term rental of two-valve cylinders for the recovery of refrigerants.

The rental is subject to an annual subscription fee and amounts to: PLN 93.06 / unit (+ VAT) by the end of this year.

In subsequent years, the invoice is issued at the beginning of the year and covers the entire period of the calendar year.

The subscription fee for the first year includes the first cylinder delivery to the indicated place in Poland.

Cylinder capacity

The PROZON Foundation offers refrigerant recovery cylinders with 5 different capacities:

  • 27,2 L; 12,5 L; 2,5 L (laboratory cylinder) – PLN 93.06 / item

Cylinder lease agreement

If you do not have a signed contract, please download and complete the Cylinder Lease Agreement.

Please send the completed contract in two copies to the following address:

PROZON Climate Protection Foundation
ul. Matuszewska 14, Bud. B9
03-876 Warsaw

Download Agreement Download Agreement

Cylinder order

Jeżeli mają Państwo podpisaną umowę, aby zamówić butlę prosimy o kontakt z działem sprzedaży.

  • +48 511 902 263; +48 606 235 557
  • sprzedaz@prozon.org.pl