Regeneration and management of refrigerants

The PROZON Foundation offers 3 ways of managing the refrigerant recovered from the installation:

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    The refrigerant delivered to the Foundation does not contain any admixtures in the amount greater than 1% by mass. It is subject to purchase according to the price list of Regeneration Centre services below

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    Refrigerants belonging to the HCFC group (chloro- or chlorofluorocarbons, eg R22) and other factors containing admixtures in the amount greater than 1% by mass. they are not subject to purchase and are treated by the Regeneration Centre as waste.

    The waste management is carried out according to the price list of the Regeneration Centre services.

    Customers who have signed an Agreement on cooperation in the field of climate protection with the Foundation are subject to special waste management prices specified in the terms of the agreement.

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    Regeneration means the recycling of a recovered refrigerant in order to obtain properties in keeping with those of the original substance.

    Refrigerant degraded as a result of use is subjected to an advanced purification process, which results in obtaining parameters that meet the requirements of the AHRI 700 standard in the refrigeration industry.

    Contract regeneration is therefore a full reconstruction of the refrigerant composition (in the case of mixtures) and the achievement of the following parameters:

    content of admixtures by mass 0,5% mas.
    non-condensing gas content ≤ 1,5% obj.
    humidity ≤ 10 ppm
    acid content ≤ 1 ppm
    chloride ion content 0
    content of high boilers ≤ 0,01% obj.

The quality of the refrigerant after regeneration is confirmed by a quality certificate issued by PROZON Laboratory.

Regeneration is a particularly advantageous solution when the refrigerant used in the equipment belongs to the group of withdrawn refrigerants due to its high GWP potential.

In each of the above cases, a Waste Transfer Card (KPO) is issued for the refrigerant delivered to the Regeneration Centre, which is a confirmation of waste management in accordance with applicable law.

Price list for Regeneration Centre services Price list for Regeneration Centre services

The customer can collect empty cylinders for recycling and return the recovered refrigerant at Schiessl Polska branches. Details to be agreed in the selected branch of Schiessl

List of Schiessl branches List of Schiessl branches


We kindly remind you that before each transfer of recovered refrigerants or other waste to the PROZON Foundation, it is necessary to issue a Waste Transfer Card (KPO) in the BDO system.

The KPO document must be created electronically before starting the transport of waste.

Otherwise, the PROZON Foundation, as a waste recipient, cannot receive it.

If you have not yet registered with BDO, and you are subject to this obligation, because you generate waste from your business, we recommend that you immediately submit an application for entry to the BDO via the website or contact PROZON Fundacja Ochrony Klimatu, at the e-mail address: ochrona.srodowiska @, where you will get help with registration.