Tank rental and cleaning

In addition to the refrigerant recovery cylinders, the Foundations offer also includes larger tanks.

For your convenience, in addition to tanks with a capacity of 950l, we have also introduced smaller ones – 400l. This “handy” tank can replace about 20 standard cylinders, and its size has been adjusted to fit on the standard dimensions of the pallet.

This is undoubtedly convenient for transport.

Rental cost up to 30 days:

400 l tank – PLN 750/item !New! 

950 l tank – 1500 PLN/pc.

  • prices include tank cleaning costs
  • transport cost priced individually for each order
It is forbidden to fill the tank above the values indicated on the rating plate

Zamówienie zbiornika

W celu zamówienia zbiornika prosimy o kontakt z działem Logistyki:

  • +48 507 721 990
  • logistyka@prozon.org.pl