Handbook for handling recovered refrigerants

We are pleased to announce that the Office of Ozone Layer and Climate Protection, the LUKASIEWICZ Research Network-Institute of Industrial Chemistry, and the LUKASIEWICZ Institute of Industrial Chemistry. prof. The Ignacy Moscicki Foundation has posted on its website the “Handbook for Handling Recovered Agents” developed by our Foundation.

This manual is a very important and useful publication for service companies and operators. In it, we touch on legal issues at the boundary of waste and F-gas regulations, discuss definitions of refrigerant recycling and reclamation, and address the practical side.
Take a look at the attached publication!

Downloadable manual


According to the current state of the law, as of January 1, 2020. new provisions of the Waste Law are in force, according to which waste management operations are carried out only through the electronic Database on Products and Packaging and Waste Management (BDO).


We kindly remind you that before each transfer of recovered refrigerants or other waste to the PROZON Foundation, it is necessary to issue a Waste Transfer Note (KPO) in advance in the BDO system. The KPO document should be created electronically before the start of waste transportation.

Otherwise, the PROZON Foundation, as the recipient of the waste, does not have the capacity to accept it.

If you have not yet registered with BDO, but are covered by this obligation because you generate waste from your operations, we recommend that you immediately apply for registration with BDO through the website or contact PROZON Foundation for Climate Protection, at the following email address: ochrona.srodowiska@prozon.org.pl, where you will receive assistance in registration.

BDO registration instructions


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