F- Gases from the range SF6

The PROZON Foundation is the only entity in Poland accredited by the Office of Technical Inspection for examining personnel in the field of sulfur hexafluoride.

The training is intended for personnel working with SF6 filled electrical power equipment.
The training consists of a theoretical part covering comprehensive knowledge about sulfur hexafluoride, its properties, environmental impact and its substitutes. Students will also learn about the basic legal acts and standards regulating SF6 gas management.

During practical classes, students recover gas, also from hermetic devices, study its composition and learn how to deal with SF6 decay products. They also learn how to perform leakage checks on SF6-filled equipment.

The course ends with an exam, the positive result of which entitles you to obtain a certificate issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. The certificate is valid for an indefinite period and is valid throughout the European Union.

As part of the training, each participant will receive an original textbook and the opportunity to participate in free extracurricular consultations.

Training takes place in fully equipped classrooms.
Payment to UDT for issuing a certificate for personnel is made by the PROZON Foundation for you.

Training program

  • Basic knowledge of significant environmental issues
  • Physical, chemical and environmental properties of SF6
  • Using SF6 in power devices
  • SF6 quality in accordance with the relevant technical standards a break
  • Basic knowledge of the construction of electric power equipment
  • Checking SF6 quality in theory
  • SF6 storage and transportation
  • Reuse of SF6
  • Neutralisation of SF6 breakdown products
  • SF6 auditing and record keeping obligations
  • Principles of assembly of SF6 insulated electrical power equipment
  • SF6 quality checking
  • Recovery of SF6 and SF6 gas mixtures and treatment of SF6
  • Service of SF6 recovery equipment
  • Drilling without gas leakage
  • Work with an open chamber on SF6
  • Training Calendar
  • Training panel as before
  • Deadline

The nearest date: 13-14.10.2022

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  • Place

At the headquarters of the PROZON Foundation

  • Training cost

 1800,- zł net/person

  • The cost of the exam

 2900,00 zł net/person

  • Contact
  • +48 508 462 852
  • sf6@prozon.org.pl