Leasing SF6 cylinders

The PROZON Foundation offers long-term rental of SF6
recovery cylinders.

The rental is subject to a subscription fee, depending on the cylinder capacity, 90 PLN / pcs. (+ VAT) or PLN 150 / item (+ VAT) by the end of this year.

In subsequent years, the invoice is issued at the beginning of the year and covers the entire period of the calendar year.
The subscription fee for the first year includes the first cylinder delivery to the indicated place in Poland.

Wishing to facilitate the recovery and logistics of SF6, we also introduce the possibility of leasing cylinders for short-term recovery actions.

The rental is subject to a fee, depending on the cylinder capacity, PLN 40 / item. (+ VAT) or PLN 80 / item (+ VAT), which is charged for each started month.

If the cylinder is returned to SF6 within 30 days, the lease is free of charge.

Pojemność butli

Cylinder capacityThe PROZON Foundation offers refrigerant recovery cylinders with 5 different capacities:

  • 10 L; 8 L; 2 L (laboratory cylinder) – PLN 90 /item (annual subscription), PLN 40 /item(monthly fee)
  • 50 L ; 40 L; – PLN 150 /item (annual subscription), PLN 90 /item. (monthly fee)

Cylinder lease agreement

If you do not have a signed contract, please download and fill in the selected contract:

Cylinder lease agreement – annual subscription
Cylinder lease contract – short-term contract

Please send the completed contract in two copies to the following address:

PROZON Climate Protection Foundation
ul. Matuszewska 14, Bud. B9
03-876 Warsaw

Cylinder order

If you have a signed contract, please complete the form to order a cylinder.


Formularz zamówienia butli Formularz zamówienia butli