Calibration laboratory

Calibration and control of devices

In response to the provisions of the Polish F-Gas Act, we would like to inform you that the PROZON Laboratory provides services in the following areas:

  • sensitivity control of portable refrigerant leak detectors
  • inspection of portable vacuum pumps;
  • calibration of non-automatic balances;
  • calibration of analogue and digital manometers;
  • calibration of analogue and digital vacuum gauges;

What is this all about?

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    Checking the detector includes checking that these devices are capable of achieving the given check value. Detectors are verified as to whether they respond to a leak of 5 g of refrigerant per year. If the detector is working properly, a positive inspection certificate is issued, which is valid for twelve months from the date of the inspection. The leakage control value and the validity period of such a certificate are specified in the Commission Regulation (EC) No. 1516/2007 of December 19, 2007.

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    In the case of vacuum pumps, it is checked that they are capable of creating a vacuum of 270 Pa or less. The inspection certificates of these devices, unlike the detectors, do not have a validity period. It is, however, recommended to regularly check the vacuum pumps in order to ensure the appropriate operating parameters of the device.

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    Calibration of scales, manometers and vacuum gauges allows you to check the measurement error of these devices. This process consists in assigning specific reference values and comparing the indications of the calibrated device with a standard of a higher class and greater accuracy. The measurement standards available at PROZON of the Climate Protection Foundation have certificates issued under the EA MLA agreement in the field of calibration. The standards used confirm the consistency of the measurement results with the units of measurement of the International System of Units (SI). As with the inspection of vacuum pumps, the calibration certificate has no validity period. Despite this, it is worth checking these devices at least once a year to eliminate any errors and confirm the complete efficiency of the devices.

Benefits of regular equipment inspection/calibration:

  • continuity in the validity of the certificate in the case of detectors
  • checking the technical condition of devices and their correct operation
  • elimination of measurement errors thanks to the receipt of reliable calibration results
  • increasing the level of services provided
  • protection of the environment against excessive emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere

To order the inspection / calibration of devices, please fill in the inspection/calibration order form