Let`s protect the ozone layerbecause it protects us!

Objectives, tasks, activities.

PROZON Foundation for Climate Protection is a self-financing non-governmental organization that has been working for the past 24 years to reduce emissions of harmful gases used in refrigeration, air conditioning and power industry. The establishment of the Foundation by suppliers of refrigerants was an expression of their ecological awareness and the need to conduct socially responsible business operations.
Thanks to the cooperation with thousands service and repair companies in Poland, each year the Foundation reclaims dozens of tons of refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer and impact climate change.  This activity has an important ecological dimension as it allows the production of harmful gases to be reduced.
The Foundation provides reclamation services, laboratory analyses and organizes training courses for the refrigeration and power sector. The ultimate goal of such training sessions is to create responsible attitudes and, consequently, to reduce harmful gas emissions. Within the international consortium called REAL Alternatives, the Foundation promotes innovative and safe solutions in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

Nationwide Network 3R

Foundation organized and administers the "national network of recovery and reclamation of refrigerants" (so-called Network 3R).

The need to create such a system results from the Polish Parliament has ratified international agreements on global common policy on environmental protection. Currently, 3R Network brings together nearly 1,000 companies principally engaged in servicing and installing refrigeration and air conditioning. The cooperation of these companies with the Foundation is critical to achieving the desired environmental effect.

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