Welder rental

Flame-free soldering!
  • We invite you to take advantage of the rental offer of a professional 1500W soldering iron. It is a lightweight, portable brazing device intended for the repair of refrigeration equipment in rooms where an open source of fire cannot be used.
  • The narrow and long electrodes provide convenient access to the soldered places, and the heating is therefore more concentrated. The soldering iron is designed for soldering thin-walled tubes with diameters from Φ5mm to Φ12mm and with soft solder up to Φ24mm with silver or brass solder. The soldering iron is also of limited use in construction, especially when modernizing installations in already used rooms, for soldering copper water and heating installations, and for soldering air-conditioning installations
  • The rental price for one day is PLN 80 / net.
  • The rental price for a week is 250 PLN / net.
  • Any questions regarding the offer, please send an e-mail to: centrum.regeneracji@prozon.org.pl

Renting a welder

In order to sign a contract for renting a welder, download the document, complete it, print it in two copies, sign it and send it to the Foundation’s address:

PROZON Climate Protection Foundation
ul. Matuszewska 14, Bud. B9
03-876 Warsaw

Agreement for downlaod Agreement for downlaod