Short-term availability of cylinders for the recovery of refrigerants

Wishing to facilitate the recovery and logistics of refrigerants, we introduce the possibility of free lease of cylinders for short-term, large-scale recovery actions, as well as for filling the installation with regenerated refrigerant.

Agreements with an appendix of authorised persons will be the basis for issuing the cylinder at any time. We propose signing contracts today.

The mere signing of the contracts does not oblige you to order cylinders or to pay any fees on this account, and in the future it may shorten the waiting time for cylinders.

Sample contracts for free cylinder rental

Below are two contract templates:

Free short-term lease of refrigerant recovery cylinders with a two-way valve for recovery from refrigeration installations:

Download Agreement Download Agreement

Free short-term lease of a reclaimed refrigerant cylinder – with a one-way valve, intended for reclaimed refrigerants:

Download Agreement Download Agreement

Return of the cylinder

The customer is exempt from the rental fee if the return of the cylinders filled with the refrigerant takes place within 30 days from the date of rental.

Lease cost in case of returning empty cylinders or returning cylinders after the free rental period:

  • one-time rental and return of empty 12.2 l and 27.2 l cylinders: PLN 40 / item (+ VAT) – for each month of use,
  • one-time rental and return of empty 40 l and 60 l cylinders: PLN 80 / item (+ VAT) – for each month of use

Cylinder order

One-time rental and return with a refrigerant for disposal PLN 0 / item

Sending empty cylinders from the Foundation to any place in Poland costs PLN 25 (+ VAT) for each cylinder.

In order to rent a cylinder once, complete the form.

Order form Order form