Analytical laboratory

The PROZON analytical laboratory provides services in the field of quality control of the primary refrigerant, refrigerant coming from the operating system, as well as reclaimed refrigerant, in order to verify compliance with AHRI standards.

Factor quality control

Factor quality control comprises checking the key parameters of the factor, such as:

  • humidity (coulometric method)
  • acidity (by acid-base titration)
  • composition (gas chromatography method)
  • non-condensable gases (by gas chromatography)
  • presence of solid and high-boiling residues (evaporation method)
  • presence of chlorides (precipitation method)
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    The results of the analyses provide a lot of information useful for verifying the quality of the refrigerant and are helpful in determining possible system failures. The test results do not give ready answers, but they help the service company to efficiently find the source of the irregularity.

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    The study we recommend is a comprehensive study. The comprehensive examination includes the verification of all parameters and gives the greatest knowledge about the quality of the factor. If the client has suspicions as to the possible source of the failure, he may also choose a selected test to verify his assumptions.

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    The laboratory, free of charge for a period of 30 days, provides customers with properly prepared laboratory cylinders for collecting a refrigerant sample and, depending on the customer’s needs, can take care of the logistics of the order.

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Test of cooling oil

Testing in addition to refrigerant testing, the laboratory performs refrigerant oil testing.
The parameters to be checked are:

  • acid number (by potentiometric titration)
  • humidity (coulometric method)
  • kinetic viscosity (viscometric method)
  • determination of elements (by atomic emission spectroscopy)
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    In the case of the refrigerant, the marked parameters of the oil give an overview of the technical condition of the system. They also allow to assess whether a given oil still performs its function properly.

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